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 Aerial Mapping & 3D Modeling with Drones 

Aerial mapping and 3D modeling through the use of drones has become increasingly important for several industries on Long Island including commercial and residential real estate, construction, and surveillance. The team at Sky Walkers Aerial Imaging Solutions has years of experience with aerial mapping/3D modeling and we are here to help you successfully complete your project.

Aerial Mapping and 3D modeling with our drones is an excellent way to capture and record data of large areas of land or structures on Long Island. Our high-resolution 3D aerial data can inform your team about the scope of work, keep all your projects on track, and can help you make more informed decisions about your projects. Our drone pilots are licensed and insured, and they can create beautiful videos, images, maps and models by accurately measuring distance, area, and volume for a job site or project.  Whether you are a realtor, homeowner, construction manager, or entrepreneur, we can provide excellent services to add the finishing touches to your project, or get a better understanding of your new holdings.

If you are looking for the premier aerial mapping and 3D modeling services on Long Island, turn to the professional and experienced team at Sky Walkers Aerial Imaging Solutions. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team or get an estimate for your project.

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