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  We Walk the Sky for You

We work with Long Island real estate agencies, construction companies and businesses that look for a unique way to enhance their marketing material. We utilize small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), aka Drones, to provide an aerial perspective to marketing and advertising firms looking to add an airborne dimension that is affordable. Call Us and we will help you increase your client base.

When working with Long Island construction companies our aerial imaging solutions are also ideal for planning, equipment/material monitoring, 3D mapping of unsafe areas, inspection, quality control, photogrammetry, 3D Models and keeping all of your clients and investors updated on the progress of the project.

We will provide professional photography, videography and post production skills to all of our clients. So whether you have a business or would like us to film a personal event such as adding an aerial view of your special wedding day, document any recent work done to your home or even if you would simply want to show all of the hard work you've put into a personal project we are here for you!

We perform extensive flight check procedures to make sure that a safe flight is attainable. We examine airspace restrictions, weather, flight hardware and software, obstacles in the environment and we even inspect ourselves to ensure we are prepared to fulfill the mission's goals.

Our FAA licensed pilots operate within FAA guildines to maintain safe flight operations.


Safety is our #1 Priority.

We look forward to working together on your next aerial view drone photography project on Long Island! 

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