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drones long island aerial photography mapping 3d models
We Walk the Sky to Provide Our Clients with Crisp Aerial Photography and Buttery Smooth 4K Video.
 Professional. Fast. Affordable.
Our Pilots are FAA Certified, Licensed and Insured.
Proudly serving Long Island, the Tri-State Area & Beyond!


Are you looking for a unique way to market your business?  Do you want to showcase your newly constructed home or office building with aerial photos, video or a 3D model?  Sky Walkers Aerial Imaging Solutions is the leading drone company offering aerial photography and video services to clients throughout Long Island.  We have years of experience assisting clients with marketing ventures, documenting renovations to their home, and even providing unique video for couples’ wedding days.

To ensure that our drone captures the best aerial photography and video for your event on Long Island, we always perform extensive flight check procedures prior to launch.  We will look at weather conditions, obstacles in the air, and airspace restrictions, before the drone ever leaves the ground.  This ensures that you get exactly what you want in your photos and videos, and nothing that you don’t.  Our pilots are FAA licensed, insured, and pride themselves on always putting safety first.

When you need the best service and pricing for drone aerial photography and video on Long Island, turn to the professional team at Sky Walkers Aerial Imaging Solutions.  To learn more about our drone services packages or to schedule an appointment for your project, please call us or reach out to us online.

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